Curriculum Information – Year 4

Below is a link to our Topic Web of medium term planning Autumn 2018 (to enlarge click on picture).

Year 4 Autumn/Winter Rationale

In Year 4, children are encouraged to reach their full potential and not give up at the first hurdle.  We have taken the time to acknowledge children’s ideas and opinions of what they would like to learn about in Year 4.  We feel this is important, as we want children to enjoy learning and take responsibility for this.  Children learn in many different ways and at different speeds so our curriculum is rich and broad in order to meet these needs.

Our topic about Fairtrade will enable children to learn about other communities and countries and realise the impact that we can have on the lives of others.  By visiting our local supermarket, it will provide children with the opportunity to see Fairtrade in a real life scenario.  As children get older, it is important that they realise the impact of opinions, respect and equality when regarding other people’s cultures and beliefs.  This is something we will cover throughout the year starting in the classroom and being kind to others.